Life transitions commentary and profiles, that's what 
this website is all about.

“One more flower ruins the arrangement, one more word ruins the story, one more step spoils the dance.”
                                                                  ~Source Unknown

Perfection.  Once achieved, we never, ever want it to change.  But it always does … sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, other times just different.  So, how do we prepare for change, the great unknown that’s guaranteed to come our way?

We curse it, celebrate it, avoid it, plan for it, dream about it, stress over it.  Always, always, though, we make it to the other side in one form or fashion.  Hopefully, too, we have learned from the change process and are willing to share our hard-won insights with others. 

At, we write about all different kinds of transitions, from the mundane and humorous to the sad and profound.  It’s our way of sharing what we and others have learned and, hopefully, making our little world a bit better.

We emphasize “our little world.”  No one anything—person, country, philosophy, government, religion—can change the whole world.  Instead, we firmly believe that helping those within our tiny speck on the planet will have a ripple effect.

A unique perspective, an emphasis on compassion, a rich enthusiasm, a well-turned phrase, a pretty image, any or all of it has the ability to refocus, even briefly, one person’s energy.  And that one person may share a nugget of what they found here at with three other people.  They, in turn, might use that nugget in combination with their life experiences and world view and … well, the possibilities are unlimited and exciting. 

This website is built on the thought that kindness towards one another is a key component in not just surviving change, but embracing it, and living large with understanding, empathy, good-will, and hope for the future.



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